Storm Adventures

Adventure? What’s that? Oh Yea!... Its that thing that we’ve been doing since we were born!

We are 3 siblings that grew up loving nature, anything outdoors and we love adventuring! On the 1st of January 2014 we went on one of our adventures with a couple of friends. It was a wonderful sunny day. All of a sudden it was cloudy and it started pouring! That was the day Storm Adventures was born! Since then we’ve been adventuring every chance we get.

We can’t keep the joy that we’ve experienced through our adventures to ourselves. Therefore, we want to share it with others! We take the burden of organizing and budgeting off your shoulders. We have organised adventures from transport to where you sleep. We offer affordable and exciting experiences!

The only catch is you have to bring your need for s̶p̶e̶e̶d̶ (????????????????????????????????????)> stay on the lookout for upcoming events! 🙂

Remember your job fills your pocket, but an adventure fill your soul.. 😀

Meet The Team



Stephan is a director of Stenex, Professional Graphic Designer, Qualified Survival Instructor, Qualified at ASI for Snake Handling. Full of Energy and Loves Outdoor Activities!

Survival Instructor
Snake Handler


Helping Hand

Wild Spirit, Loves Animals & People. Qualified in Horsemanship, Survival Ranger, Qualified in First Aid and in Basic Snake Handling. Loves Nature and everything Outdoors!

First Aid
First Aid


Filming, Manager

Bernard is our manager, planner and IT geek. Every team needs someone to handle the technology. He also does the filming and editing of our videos.


Your Questions

By contacting us on any of our social media pages or email us at
Not all events are open for public and certain events have a minimum skill requirement for safety purposes but we have open events that anyone can participate in and join.